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When a startup or a company builds a unique technology for a B2B sector (think business intelligence or pricing software tools for example), we build the sales process, infrastructure and team in our Prague's hub to develop the business in European markets. This team is then a sort of a remote sales department closely connected with marketing and tech teams of the startup. Successful teams may migrate into the startup itself.


We are a young team and we know that you, millennials, want to get tons of know-how in the shortest time possible and probably move to another challenge.You have got sales experience, we expand them - you work on bigger deals, bigger accounts and work on your leadership skills. That’s why we work on a two-year chapter basis. We add to your know-how, make sure you work your ass off to apply it and succeed. Your experience and market price growth from business developer to senior sales manager will get accelerated from usual 5 to 2 year. After this you can lead the whole project, we can transfer you to our startup customer, find you another role in SALESDOCk or help you find your next chapter elsewhere.

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Business Developer

You can get experience and a chance to be the head of the project later.

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Constantly deepen your skills in completing a rigorous analysis of a market entry.

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